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Colca Canyon - Volcanos

Duration: 10 days.

Conventional Tourism: Tours of city and surrounding country.

Day 1: City Tour (City + Santa Catalina Convent + Surrounding countryside + Visits to Museums (Museum of the Harvest, Hidden Treasures of the Heights Museum: Juanita Doncella del Ampato), The House of the Moral.

Colca canyon.

Day 2: Arequipa – Chivay Cabanaconde – San Juan de Chuccho.

Day 3: San Juan de Chuccho – Tapay – Oasis.

Day 4: Oasis – Cabanaconde – Condor Cross – Chivay – Arequipa.

We will appreciate: the National Reserve of Aguada Blanca, the Bofedales de Tojra, the Caves of Mollepunku, the Castles of Callalli, the villages of Pinchollo, the vantage point of the Condor Cross, the Hot Springs of Calera, the vantage point of the Patapampa Volcanoes.


Day 5: AREQUIPA – High Camp (4 900m).

Day 6: High Camp – Summit (5 947m).

We will genuinely appreciate the desert scenes of cacti, desert flora, and from the summit we will see the surrounding volcanoes, Chachani, Ampato, Nocarani, Pichupichu and Salinas.


Day 7: Arequipa – vehicular transport up to Sulphurous Camp (5 000m).

Day 8: Sulphurous Camp – Summit 6 075m.

Day 9: Extra or rest day. (Possible on any of the days in the program).

During the ascent we will pass the summit of El Ángel at 6 000m. At the same time, we will view the volcano’s four peaks, its crater, El Misti, Ampato and Coropuna at 6 425m. The ascent features volcanic residue and patches of snow in whimsical formations. Return to Sulphurous Camp, transport, Arequipa. Transfer to the airport or the place chosen.

Day 10: Arequipa – Lima ( Finish of the trek or change of activity ).

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Includes :

Private transport.

Private transpot to the start and return point of the circuits.

Guide for trekking and climbing.

Food for the whole of the trek and climb.

Huascarán National Park entry ticket.



Muleteers and Donkeys to carry the technical equipment.

Kitchen and dining room tent.

Two-people tents.


Does not include :

Food in the city.

Fizzy and alcoholic drinks.

Techical equipment

Personal expenditure and things not mentioned in the program.

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